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BAJA Racing Hall Of FAME Acquires "ROAD TO CABO" Franchise

        US. NAVY Seals Presents     INTRODUCTION  Schedule Announced! May 2, 2024 OFFICIAL RELEASE BAJA Racing Hall Of Fame Announces the Acquisition of the "ROAD TO CABO" Franchise ! Celebrated during the Sunday, May 5, 'Cinco de Cabo' Events at Los Cabos Mexico, more details will be announced. Stay Tuned!  Sanctioned by the largest automotive sporting organization in the Americas,   Federación Interamericana de Touring y Automóvil Clubes,  the longest running regional Baja racing event and private local rally-raids, we present the  ROAD TO CABO SERIES . Each private event, held in local communities for the benefit of the public, introduce international travel to motorsport enthusiasts to meet the greatest fanatics of the sport  - SudCalifornianos!  Southern Californians! Celebrating 75 Seventy-Five Years, the  CABO 1000 -  'Terrisurena of Southern Baja'  is the lone regional event held every Spring season.  The  CABO 500  was the first event to invite intern

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